Steps To Improve Your Online Credibility

Steps to Improve Your Online Credibility

ks85078Credibility is critical in order to convert website visitors into clients or customers. Consequently, website credibility is a requirement for a successful web presence. If you are a fortune 500 company building your website, you don't have to worry about establishing credibility. You have an established brand name, most likely recognized worldwide. Unfortunately, the you will have to work hard to improve your online credibility.

In the process of building a successful online business, you have to establish credibility. Take steps to establish your site as a credible business. Credibility does not guarantee sales, but, without a doubt, it will improve your sales conversion. As you consider your strategy for building credibility, think of the companies you consider credible. Think of the characteristics that make them credible. Is it their, customer service, product, quality of service, image in the community, philanthropy?

Make your site personable.

Post pictures of real people. Don't use stock photos of models. Your clients want to see the people behind your business. On your About Us page, take a picture of your team members and provide a brief description of their job descriptions. Posting the pictures will have a positive impact on your customers. In addition, your team will have a growing self-respect.

Make your contact information highly visible.

Don't hide your phone number if you want your customers to call. If your business is unable to support phone calls, don't list your number. Instead, implement an easy to use Contact Us form. Your physical address should be listed on your site. If you are a home-based business and you don't feel comfortable listing your address, get a PO Box. It is an inexpensive solution. Real businesses have real addresses.

Do not use auto responders.

Ten years ago, when people were receiving ten percent of the e-mail they are receiving today, it would have been a great idea. Today, auto responders are the sign of amateurs. With a few exceptions, you should not use them. Don't ever send an auto responder to an e-mail. Your customers don't care that you have received their e-mail. They want an answer to their query, and if your response doesn't include the answer, you have no business sending the e-mail.

Improve your online credibility and you will improve your bottom line.